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Life in Twilight
By: Debjani Ghosh

Twilight, a shadowy atmosphere infuses a senset of gloominess and depression in humanmind. Sun goes to rest, chirping birds return to nest, similarly each man and woman also likes to return to home with a poise of mind, and after a peacefull and amorous night they like to be revitalized for next days work.

But alas now the world is rifted by extreme competition, avariciousness. Our shylock attitude have made us lovelessly and cheerlessly wise. But love prefers twilight to daylight. A fatigued soul pines to listen from a voice soaked with ambrosia "how long I have been for you." In this book Life in Twilight each and every character is pining for pure love, for a touch of humanity, touch of forgiveness; but it is proved a man is born to win this challenge of acrid lovelessness. Because Man, being, the best creation of God, can never fall back. Things change, Love is surely to come back.That is the beautiful thing about being human. Abhi and Nita, Harry and Rimi, both the divorced couple are strongly craving to be reunited. (Marriage….a riddle) triumph of real love Piu can not leave Noor Ali in danger, it ends to be an official relation between a psychiatrist and a patient. It conquers all impediments to make humanity everlasting. (Amind without a mind) Luxmi can not stop and bow down to the oppression. She lends her life for the betterment of numbers of hapless deprived women (Menarche) Priyanath Ghosh, an aged man the owner of a big circus house, hugs a poor dwarf joker. By his tender touch of love Mahuram regains the lust for living and Making life meaningfull. (A heart cries when the face laughs) Tuhina almost a mauled mass after being atrociously attacked by Ayub, does not fail to take steps for saving Tithi from being raped. (Sweetest smile from the ugliest face) Bihan, a devastated soul, full of self contempt for his odd profession, is resuscitated by the love and respect of Sonia. (when Libido plays the trump card). Prabir Dey, though a highly educated young man, becomes a part of an isolated and intriguing family. By the cruel irony of fate he falls victim of an Unnatural insinularity, an irretrievable loss of humanity. Though he tried to recuperate by healing touch of friendship, but succumbed ultimately, (The Dark House of Skeletons).

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