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Simply we can say that print on demand is a process in which publisher prints only that number of copies of any book what is actual demand from buyers.This facilitates publisher from stay away unnecessary printing of books and maintaining them in godown and also investment of big capital.publisher prints only when he gets order.

After contact with publisher author will have to send script by mail to in reply publisher will send a letter of agreement and account details to author then having complete formalities of agreement and payment of booking amount by author , publishing process will be started.

ISBN is a unique number which is provided to every book by the agency of government of India, this number has a identity detail.Kavya publications publish book only with ISBN .

Self publishing came in existence because of complicated and delayed process of traditional publishing.Most of the time publisher refuse to publish a growing new writer.In self publishing a author may prove himself successful.He has all rights of his book , publish,promote and sell all stay within his hand ,he can do all himself or can buy services from kavya publications.

Kavya publications provide the opportunity to author that if author may provide a print ready script to us we will publish that without taking any amount as publishing price.We will print book in the number needed by buyer.Author will be charged actual on printing cost.Royalty also provide same as others.

We provide 90 %royalty to author which is best in industry.You may may yourself calculate the royalty at our royalty calculator and your account created by us on our website.

A account will be opened at our website for the transparency while any sale take place at any store that is updated at the author account and author may see there.

Author may himself decide when does he want to get his royalty at any time following the certain process given their he may order to pay his royalty.

Self publication is a new way of publishing a book.In.this system Author has all rights of his /her book ,AUTHOR writes ,AUTHOR decide designing,formatting editing,printing,selling,advertising,promotional activites etc ,everything about his/her book.There are many tech savy ,full of up to date knowledge author who himself do everything for his/her book,with the medium of self publisher they publish the book and earn money.Self publisher just work as a medium of publishing.Facilities have been provided to author for tacking services one or more if he needed on payment of price of service/services.

In the traditional way of publishing besides writing script all rites kept by publisher ,often author cant interfere to them.This creates a vacuum which lead ultimately to less royalty.In self publishing author has all rites and with his intelligence can earn unlimited.

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