About Kavya Publications

Our Vision

India is a country which exist oldest civilization , all other ancient civilizations have disappeared but wave of indian civilization yet survives even after hundred of years of slavery. This is why is called something special in this country.It is also accepted in the world now that ancient India has been in the leading position for hundreds of years.India created great thinkers in ancient period.

In fact that wave also running even today as India have maximum numbers of thinkers and writers today but unfortunately these writers are unable to come in light , most of them disappeared before shining. Keeping in mind KAVYA PUBLICATIONS working for NO WRITER SHOULD STAY UNPUBLISHED.

About The Company

Kavya Publications Delhi is an imprint under the Sole Ownership of SDR INNOWAYS INDIA PVT. LTD. Registered Office , Kulpahar , Mahoba U.P . with an Author centre in Awadhpuri , Bhopal, M.P .it is stablished in 2016 with the vision that every write up which can change the Society should be published, because we have the thought that number of writer and thinker are their in our society those are not shining and almost in disappeared situations due to not publishing of their write ups . Kavya publications promises to bring such diamons in front of society. We have also been publishing stablished authors and trying to change them as brand what is happening in western countries.

We promise authors to publish with best publishing experience.


KAVYA publications is the only publishing platform in india which is being managed by authors. Publishing is headed by Mr. Ajay Agrawal who himself is a well know author of a dozen of books and being a writer and thinker understand feeling of writers more than any plain business head.

At this platform author’s have been provided facility to stay directly with in the touch Mr. ajay agrawal .

Do you want to publish a book?

Call : +91-7905266820

Email : editor@kavyapublications.com

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